I can't imagine a better value for money videographer for short wedding films than Ash. She made everything easy and was so responsive, lovely and friendly. She just blended in beautifully on the day and wasn't at all intrusive - most people didn't realise she was filming! The finished result is beautiful and emotional without being at all cheesy (which were keen to avoid)! and everyone loves it.

Ashleigh was so natural behind the camera and really captured our loved ones in the moment of the happiest day! We will be able to cherish her footage forever.

Great website Friendly conversation Great customer service Lovely lady! 

Our wedding video was just what I wanted and more. The finished product was amazing - everyone who has seen it has said it has commented how it captures the essence and feeling of the day. Ashley made sure she captured all the guests enjoying themselves and went above and beyond with the filming of the speeches, not only showing the people speaking but cutting in the reactions of the guests - I was so impressed especially as she did it without an assistant.

Ashleigh was amazing her video captured the essence of the day so perfectly. It feels like she caught everyone at the wedding on camera yet she was utterly unobtrusive on the day. People said they didn't even realise there was a videographer yet others comment on how nice she was. We love our wedding video and could not have asked for anything better. Ashleigh was recommended by another videographer who was booked on our date. She was friendly in all her emails, the other videos on her website looked great, we didn't want a long video and her price was good value and very competitive.

Ash was great through the whole process. She replied to email email really quickly and the booking process was simple. Ash was great in the build up, asking questions about us but not stressing us out. She arrived promptly on the day in both locations and you wouldn't even have known she was there while filming. She was professional, reassuring and the final outcome was better than we could have hoped for. Both us, our families and our friends adore the video and have watched it loads of times!

Ashleigh blew Jack & I's expectations out of the park! Not only did she create an amazing 14 min video that captures our day so perfectly + the full versions of the key parts of the day... but what got everyone talking was her skill to turn around a 3 minute edit in the speed of us eating our wedding breakfast & had it playing for when my evening guests arrived. As we only had a small day wedding, this meant that everyone else could experience our day too & there was not a dry eye in the room!

Ashleigh was absolutely incredible! The best money we spent on our entire wedding was getting Ash Videography. She has such a lovely warm personality, it was like having a friend there! Other than the morning I didn't notice her being there at all, she was completely unobtrusive and worked so well with our photographer. I told her that she is worth so much more than what she charges! The quality of our video and all the special moments she captured says it all. Such a talented lady!

Ashleigh was a pleasure to have around on the day of the wedding. She was gentle and unobtrusive and as a result as perfectly captures the day as it happened. She has always responded to emails instantly and the video that she created is so beautiful, so many people have commented how perfectly it shows the day! And it makes everyone cry! She is totally amazing!

We’re still not quite sure how Ashleigh managed to produce such an amazing wedding video whilst simultaneously blending in to the wedding day. The father of the bride even commented, “I didn’t realise there was a videographer”. The way she captured the day perfectly in such an unobtrusive manner is testament to her professionalism and skills as a videographer.

Ashley was amazing! She got involved where needed, stayed out of the way and blended into the background when needed. She was someone to talk to to provide advice when needed and she always had a smile on her face. Our special day would not have been so special without her. She then created a truly stunning video, made edits in a quick manner and gave us a feature USB that is hanging in a special place on our wall. I would always book and recommend Ashley to anyone i know.

Ash is so warm and welcoming and has a calm presence about her. She was so discrete during the ceremony and the wedding reception. She worked closely with my photographer whom she’d never met or worked with before. She was easy to talk to and replied back to my questions promptly. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Ashleigh fitted right into our day, she made us feel relaxed and blended in. This was exactly what we wanted so that she could capture the moments that are not posed but the real emotions and feel for the day. Prior to the day Ashleigh made it all very easy with the document we needed to fill out along with great communication to ensure we knew what was going to happen and what we wanted out of the day! She was fab!!!

Having a videographer for our wedding was very important to us and Ashleigh came highly recommended. She was so friendly, efficient and just a pleasure to work with and have at our wedding. I couldn't be happier with the service and quality of her work.

My husband didn’t want to get a videographer at all but he quickly ate his words as he cried is eyes out watching our incredible wedding video by Ashleigh. She captured moments that we would have missed as the bride and groom as well as beautifully present the highlights of our day and all the while I was almost completely unaware she was even there! The finished film and music is just perfect.Ashleigh is professional, discreet, relaxed and fun - we have loved everything about working with her!

Ashleigh makes the most beautiful videos - unlike many wedding videos which feel merely like complications of photographs Ash creates a true film; artfully edited to relive a moment. Her videos transport you to where you to that monent in time.

We knew we wanted Ashleigh as our videographer from the moment we saw her fantastic video portfolio. Her musicality, combined with emotive, natural shots blew us away! I've also heard fantastic first hand reviews about her and her work from family and friends and her prices are so competitive. What was even more perfect is she had previously worked with my photographer, so they worked so perfectly together. When speaking to Ashleigh before hand I knew I was in trusted hands and she didn't let us down... in fact she went above and beyond what we expected. She is a lovely calm person, who blended in to the wedding so seamlessly I pretty much forgot she was there, As her equipment is very discreet a lot of my wedding guest didn't even realise we had a videographer, so she was able to capture the most fantastic natural shots. I literally couldn't have been more pleased with the final videos and have watched them over and over countless times! Ashleigh is certainly on the top of my recommendation list... the best videographer around!

Our wedding film is just brilliant! Ashleigh is such a pleasure to work with ...and at the same time it was so unexpected. I don't think that we originally planned to have a videographer. Both with my wife we were rather expecting that wedding video will be long and boring and except for our weeping Mums, no one will ever watch it. At that time we went across Ash. She offered us a different approach. Short video no longer than 10 minutes, that will capture spirit of the whole day, ceremonies, friends and family. Ash is so good at showing people's emotions. Video is really well edited, shockingly good and pleasure to watch, our special day from the start till the end packed in 12 minutes full of emotions. We are so happy to have it!