The deposit to book is £300. You are not booked in, until this payment has been made. I also cannot hold dates. You have 2 weeks to pay the deposit, when you receive your invoice. Your date will become available, if the deposit hasn’t been made.


Do I need extra hours?

For example: if you are getting married at 12pm, and your first dance isn’t until 8pm. You will need a minimum of 2 hours added on. The best movies are the ones that have preparations, and if the party is jumping after your first dance. If you want more than your first dance, then I would advise extra hours too. My package is 8 hours filming, so please calculate what this would cover.

Can I split the 8 hours? 

You cannot split your hours. If you are asking this, then you may need extra hours added.

Will extra hours mean a longer film?

My films are about the story and the emotion of the day. Not about how much you get afterwards. It may not make your story longer, but will make your wedding film even epic!

Do you offer Raw Footage?

I don’t offer RAW FOOTAGE, as it ruins the magic of the edit. Also, I only cut out the wobbly parts, and involve the best of the best. If you are questioning this, I would probably recommend another videographer to fit your needs.

Final payment? When is that due?

Final payment is due 28 days before the wedding date.


How many people film my wedding day?

Only I film your wedding day. It is also I who edits, and does all the admin.  I found this is a more personal approach, compared to having a whole crew around. I do use two cameras on your wedding day, therefore it will seem that there is more that one person filming your day. The only thing that couples question is filming preparations. I found that if you add extra hours in the morning, I can film both of you. Or you can be really lucky and have both in the same venue (which is great!)


Music Choice?

Due to copyright, I have to be very careful, of what I can select for your wedding day. It isn’t as easy, as you may think.  Before the big day, I organize a meeting with yourselves about what bands you may like, and music that you hate. I won’t know the feel of the day, until we get to the wedding day itself.  I have to choose music, which reflects your wedding day. I never let my couples choose their music.



This is a very ‘old school’ way of watching  a movie. And something I do not offer. You will receive 1 USB, which is easy to share with your friends and family. It also will come with a frame, you can put on your wall.

Can we meet?

I meet all my clients before their wedding date, This takes place in my office in Ewhurst/ via FaceTime/Skype for those further away. This happens 1-2months before the wedding day.

Any more questions,

please email me